Design & Photography

I have always loved taking photographs, editing them and drawing. Latetly, though, I have been simply mesmerized by animations in Flash, so I am currently qualifying myself in producing them.

Whether you need:

  • a logo for your company,
  • a website,
  • professional business cards,
  • a book/CD cover,
  • an avatar,
  • some eye-catching background for Twitter,
  • CV,
  • or a poster,

I would love designing it for you. And if it is none of those, well, I also love challenges and would gladly hear what you would like to have before saying that I certainly cannot do that for you!

Please feel invited to familiarise yourself with my sample works:!__i-do
(In addition, all photos published on this website I took and edited myself.)

Digital Project Management / Online Content Management / Designer / Copywriter
I am not a qualified developer, yet I am capable of both developing a website (using templates) and its maintenance. I taught myself some basics (understanding HTML a bit, sadly, there was no time for CSS...), so far I have built a few websites and I update them on a daily basis (I enjoy writing enticing copies, therefore I do it myself).
I look forward to tying up with a company in need of someone vested with my knowledge and skill sets.